California Lifting Stay-At-Home Orders Monday

California will lift regional stay-at-home orders across the entire state on Monday, sources have told The Chronicle.

A source close to the governor’s office confirmed that the state plans to end the stay-at-home order on Monday morning, moving counties back into the reopening framework based on colored tiers. It will no longer be tied strictly to the number of beds that are available in intensive care units.

Now, with the post-holidays surge lessening, ICU availability in the regions that remained under the stay-at-home order as of Sunday — including the Bay Area and Southern California — are projected to rise above the 15% threshold that triggered the lockdown measures. This is why the Newsom administration has decided to lift the restrictions, according to the source. …

Click here to read the full article from the SF Chronicle.


  1. Kathy Farmer says

    I shouldn’t have to subscribe to be able to continue reading your articles.

  2. Stay at home lifted? Curious. Does one think that Pretty Boy is starting to believe in the Recall?

  3. BS accounting methods – kick Newsom to the curb.

  4. The communist democrats feel they have successfully stolen the last election ,so the China virus is no longer useful. Never let a “crisis” go to waste.

    • Sylvia & Ronald says

      It’s all the republicOns. I don’t think newsom should lift the stay at home orders. It will come back to bite everyone in a bad way. He’s bending to political pressure.

      Democrats are not communists. Drumpf wanted to be a dictator! And the executive orders he signed are to get started after drumpf screwed everything up. Democrats would vote to insure these orders anyway. They run both houses now!

      We are two high risk seniors and now they’re bot making appointments for shots. I’ve been sick with shingles and couldn’t get it before. Wh are they short on supply? The drumpf administration lied that they had so much. They did not! Now we’re still staying home. We wouldn’t go out anyway now but that’s not the point. Why can’t people work together to make our country like it used to be!

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