California right-to-die debate heads to court

As reported by the San Jose Mercury News:

SAN FRANCISCO — With efforts to legalize doctor-assisted suicide stalled in the California Legislature, the contentious issue of providing end of life treatment to the terminally ill is now headed back to the courts.

A San Francisco judge on Friday is expected to hear one of the leading legal challenges to California laws forbidding physicians from providing medical treatment that helps the dying end their lives.

Specifically, lawyers for several terminally ill patients and doctors who care for the terminally ill are moving to block enforcement of California laws that date back 140 years barring physician-assisted suicide. A San Diego judge last month rejected similar arguments, but right-to-die advocates say the San Francisco case tees up the central legal issues to resolve the question across California. …

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  1. The first people approved for “right to die” under the new legislation should be state legislators, whether they wish it or not.

  2. Doctor assisted suicide has been in practice for the last 60 years. The barbaric mentality of doctors regarding Chemo Therapy is on record. Slanted statistical information and outright lies my the medical industry attempts to hide the success rate of chemo therapy which is 2% or less. Radiation has proven to cause cancer and surgery spreads it throughout the body. Doctors are untrained in nutrition. The immune system is the life giving force of the body.

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