California state worker union accepts contract with 10 percent pay hike

Unions2A small California state employee union decided on Thursday that a contract with two more consecutive years of 5 percent raises was too good to pass up in the waning months of Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration.

The California Association of Professional Scientists approved the contract by a vote of 802 to 339. It will give about 3,400 state scientists a 5 percent raise on July 1, 2019 and another 5 percent raise on July 1, 2020.

State scientists have received a 5 percent general wage increase each year since 2016. A state salary survey that year reported that the state’s total compensation for environmental scientists was 34 percent below what their peers could earn in the private sector and 26 percent below what they could make working for the federal government. …

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  1. Unions are the bane of California’s existence…

  2. Employee unions are the worst counter productive instruments on earth! They DO NOT BENEFIT the citizens at all!

  3. Take the money and run.

  4. Good for them. Who will pay for the increase in their pensions or can the State of California take back its promises.
    Take the money & run to another state at a later date.

  5. Boris Badenov says

    More bought votes. Gov. Unions need to be abolished.

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