California Voters Reject Changes to Landmark Property Tax Measure Prop. 13

A four-decade quest to downsize Proposition 13, California’s famed limit on property taxes, has come up short after supporters failed to convince a new generation of voters that businesses should pay more to help fund schools and local services.

Defenders of the landmark 1978 tax-cutting initiative say that the defeat of this year’s proposal, Proposition 15, should serve as a warning to liberal activists and labor unions.

“Like it or not, Prop. 13 has almost mythical powers against those who would assail it,” Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Assn., wrote last week.

On Tuesday, the Associated Press projected Proposition 15 had been defeated with 48% of votes in support and 52% opposed — more than 15 million votes have been tallied so far. Final results aren’t expected until the end of the month. …

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  1. The majority realized that if changed the commercial sector would become just another “tax collector” for the Democrats.

    It is slowly sinking in that taxes are not paid by businesses, they are paid by individuals. Another reason why the wealth producers are leasing the not so great state of Kalif.

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