California Will Enforce The Energy-Efficient Lightbulb Rule

California can now begin enforcing new minimum standards for light bulb efficiency, a federal judge ruled Tuesday. It’s the latest split between the state and the Trump administration, which has moved to reverse the same standards on a national level.

The judge rejected a petition for a temporary block by two industry groups, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and the American Lighting Association. The ALA says it’s “conferring with counsel on next steps.”

The standards were adopted by the California Energy Commission (CEC) after the Trump administration recently moved to roll them back.

The light bulb efficiency standards originally passed under President George W. Bush, then were expanded during the Obama administration. That expanded version includes specialty light bulbs like those used in bathroom vanities and recessed lighting, as well as candle-shaped lights. …

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  1. Stan Sexton says

    You can get around these stupid rules by buying from an out of state light bulb vendor like in Texas or in Mass. Otherwise, I’d have to change a lot of special fixtures in my home.

  2. The Captive says

    I hate the “new” lights. They just are not practical. I still use the older ones . One good thing is that we got those new lights that could be used in the out door place that is next to your back ,front and side doors. Those were a regular shape and have lasted about 25PLUS yrs and have not burned out yet. So it was a good buy- Just get rid of those curly looking bulbs and make the shape and price right and then it works to buy it.

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