California Would Benefit From Divided Government

Despite what Gov. Gavin Newsom would have you believe, the effort to remove him from office is not just a “Republican Recall.”  Polls show that many Democrats and independents are fed-up with Newsom and considering voting him out as well.

During his first two-and-a-half years as governor, Newsom has utterly failed to address our state’s big problems and, in many cases, his mismanagement has resulted in making things worse.  But that’s not all.  He has abused his power with unprecedented government overreach into our lives and businesses.  All of these factors and more have given voters from across the political spectrum reason to vote him out.

Despite California’s blue bent, there’s evidence of a growing libertarian undercurrent in our state.  One only has to look at the 2020 election to see that Californians are uneasy with too much government interference.  Last November, with record turnout, voters rejected an effort to reinstate affirmative action, sided with business over organized labor and rejected a rent control measure.

That same year, Newsom issued more executive orders than any California governor in modern history.  He used his power to impose overly intrusive restrictions on businesses and schools, while he swilled wine with lobbyists in Napa and his kids remained in-person at their private school.  He imposed the harshest restrictions in the country while arrogantly exempting himself and his family. …

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  1. Why not talk about the good things Governor Newson has done, e has done far more good than bad.

  2. Begone Newsome says

    Because there are no good things he has done. He is a feckless bought and paid for liberal who is destroying California. Crime is up homeless is rising. Just look at SF the speak Pelosi district who is another feckless idiot who lies to CA and US about what is really going one. These people are scumbags. When twosome Nuisance is gone we have a real shot to recover and start to heal.

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