Californians see power shutoffs as winds, fire danger rise

Hundreds of thousands of Californians lost power as utilities sought to prevent the chance of their equipment sparking wildfires and the fire-weary state braced for a new bout of dry, windy weather.

More than 1 million people were expected be in the dark Monday during what officials have said could be the strongest wind event in California this year.

It’s the fifth time this year that Pacific Gas & Electric, the nation’s largest utility, has cut power to customers in a bid to reduce the risk that downed or fouled power lines or other equipment could ignite a blaze during bone-dry weather conditions and gusty winds. On Sunday, the utility shut off power to 225,000 customers in Northern California and planned to do the same for another 136,000 customers in a total of 36 counties. …

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  1. This is not how the best and richest country in the world should be run!

    Last time they did this, they killed a man on life-supporting equipment when they shut off his electricity.

    Bottom line: This is our punishment for DARING to sue them.

  2. Diane Milecki says

    This is because dems don’t actually know how to do anything. They just “change” what others have built until power grids go down, water is contaminated, contagious people are shoved in nursing home and so, so much more. Remember the lines at gas stations under Jimmy Carter? We are finally energy independent and even exporting oil. No worry the dems are angry. God, please save us from Biden.

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