California’s Considers Banning Gas-Powered Mowers and Blowers

The next frontier in California’s battle against pollution: lawn equipment.

State air regulators are laying long-term plans to phase out gasoline-powered devices like leaf blowers and lawn mowers, saying they can produce more noxious emissions than cars.

Plenty of Bay Area cities are already acting: At least eight have banned gas-powered blowers, and more restrict their use during times of day or up to a certain noise level. Novato may soon join the list.

“What I think we need to realize is that we have to do something different for climate change in the world,” said Novato Mayor Pro Tem Pat Eklund, who proposed a ban on gas lawn mowers and leaf blowers in December. …

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  1. California Air Resources Board (CARB) employees are some of the most dishonest and corrupt people on the face of the planet. A few years ago their so called PhD scientist (Hied T Tran) who came up with this diesel law crap, lied about his degree but yet he is still employed there and coming up with more fake science. CARB is another California bureaucracy that was not voted for by the people of California but yet makes laws and forces us to pay fines based on fake science.

    CARB is self-funded and they have to come up with these bullshit laws to fine people and businesses to stay in existence to continue their large paychecks and their pensions. The only thing that these people have achieved is to destroy the trucking, motorcycle and aftermarket car part industries. CARB is also responsible for thousands of lost jobs with their fake science and now they want to ban your lawn mowers – what’s next?

    50% of all products in California have a prop 65 sticker on it, this just opens up the door for these fake bureaucracies to basically tax and fine us of existence.

    CARB and the Bureau of Automotive Repair need to go away.

  2. Curious how many Cali politicians have their landscaping done with their Illegals (sorry, Undocumented) using re-chargeable lawn equipment? No telling what is really going on behind those walls..

  3. On second thought how long would it take to keep a defensible fire perimeter maintained with out using the proper equipment for a large area since the Cali Government hasn’t been doing their job?

  4. Boris Badenov says

    So, what this is going to boil down to is….the mow and blow guys will either have to have a heck of a lot of batteries or each client will have to have a mower and some blowers and batteries. I use an electric lawn mower it’ll do about 2,000 sf of lawn before it needs recharging…in my case two weeks. But of course the idiots in CARB don’t have a clue about the toxicity of the batteries and the amount of energy it takes to recharge them. As usual it’ll be worse for the environment than any possible benefit.

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