California’s population exodus is intensifying

The California dream has been fading for a long time, and people have been voting with their feet.

In the last few years, the exodus has accelerated, with tens of thousands more people leaving than moving in.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted even more people to give up on the state, experts say. Some have retreated to their hometowns elsewhere because they lost their livelihoods. Others are taking advantage of working remotely to escape the state’s high housing prices and long commutes.

In the fiscal year that ended in July, Los Angeles County had by far the greatest net loss due to migration of any California county — more than 74,000 people, according to state demographers. Some moved to nearby areas with lower costs of living; others ventured farther or left the state altogether. …

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  1. Brenda Torres says

    The real problem to our future is that these people are moving to Conservative Places and taking their ‘Liberal’ ideas with them!!!

  2. You’re right Brenda. I saw it when I was transferred to Seattle in the ’90’s. All of my then liberal friends have retired to AZ or CA. We can start the change with

  3. Stan Sexton says

    Unfortunately, the outgoing are also taking their money and raising home prices wherever they go. So many are leaving for next door (Nevada) that prices in Reno and Carson City have skyrocketed. These are Boom Towns. It’s no small factor that you can get to Cali quick on Highways 50 and 80. These people are probably commuting to work in Sacramento and the Bay area!

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