California’s Prop. 13 ballot battle amplified by coronavirus pandemic

A proposed change to California’s sacrosanct Proposition 13 that seeks to raise $12 billion annually for schools and local government was already primed to be one of the hottest battles on the November ballot before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

But the financial damage brought on by the disease is transforming the fight over a measure that would raise property taxes for many businesses into a struggle over the future of California.

Passing the initiative “was critical a few months ago,” said Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, whose city is one of many in California that are teetering on the edge of a financial abyss. “Now, it is a matter of life and death for many California families.”

The initiative’s opponents are sounding equally dire messages about how the pandemic has changed the political and economic climate. …

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  1. If the state is worried about not having enough income they should do what every household has to do when their income drops. Cut spending. They could cut spending in three places and not have any money problem at all. Stop spending on illegals. That is 54 billion on stimulus and another 25 billion per year on general expenses. Stop spending on the HSR which will never actually be high speed and that would save 10 billion or so. Last fix the pension mess. The state is about 1.5 trillion in the hole from that. If the state did just these three things it probably would be out of the hole it is in.

  2. We the people are responsible for California financial mess! How you say? Everything has been politicized to where no one is responsible for anything. The politicians believe they can do what they want and they are right. They have made unsustainable promises regarding pensions, The state is broke . Corruption is total,
    a two year old could walk into any part of state , county or city government and find wasteful spending. Our school systems are is a joke. Tell me how they can justify a school superintendent s salary??? You can’t.
    you cant justify the pension either. This applies to all of our city,,state,and county government.

    Rules for the budget are you always ask for more than you need for the next year based on the shortfall of cash you suffer this year. People will take what they can get with no consideration of who or how or who ii’s going to pay for it. Who in the world came up with the idea that you can retire at what you are making your last day worked. Tax payers will be hit hard with new taxes until the state declares bankruptcy,.Tax payers that is you will pay for there carefree spending.

  3. dennis nasont says

    The two comments above are spot on. The politicians, especially the liberals running this state today, have taken a beautiful and prosperous state that is one of the main economic engines of this nation and driven in into a Socialist Hell Hole that cannot survive the path it is on. The utopian dream that we can absorb the burden of all illegals and liberal pipe dreams like the high speed rail is just that. A fantasy dream. When the economy is booming, these programs sprout up like weeds and no body notices because revenues are bountiful. So SPEND SPEND and SPEND SOME MORE! But these programs never revert. They hang on like a millstone around hard working people’s necks, and when the revenues dry up, they pull every one under water. RAISE TAXES then. That is the liberal solution. But it will be on businesses only! BS. In order to earn a profit on already small margins, every tax on business is passed on to the consumer! Every property tax raises the cost of housing. Every freebie to illegals COSTS EVERY TAXPAYER! And when the budgets don’t balance? RAISE THEM EVEN MORE! Don’t have a hi tech job? Too bad. Leave. Can’t afford to run your business here? Too bad. LEAVE! Are you a conservative? Too Bad LEAVE! We don’t want you here in this liberal state! Don’t interfere with our cronyism and corruption of channeling TAX dollars to our favorite donors businesses and no bid contracts. We aren’t done yet milking the cow until we are so bankrupt that we must beg for federal bailouts. Lets use Coved 19 as our emergency crisis to assert all costs are the reason for our lack of financial restraint. AMERICA SEES IT FOR WHAT IT IS!!

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