California’s ‘Surf City USA’ Beach Reopens After Oil Spill

Surfers and swimmers returned to the waves Monday at a popular Southern California beach that was shut for more than a week after an undersea pipeline leaked crude oil into the ocean.

The reopening of Huntington Beach — dubbed “Surf City USA” — came far sooner than many expected after a putrid smell blanketed the coast and blobs of crude began washing ashore.

City and state park officials decided to reopen the shoreline in Huntington Beach after water quality tests revealed no detectable levels of oil-associated toxins in the ocean. That was good enough for Andrew Boyack, a 54-year-old commercial photographer, who usually surfs the waves in his hometown three or four times a week but has stayed out since the spill.

“There’s lots of guys out, so I figure it’s probably alright, and I guess they tested it,” Boyack said, while rinsing off at an outdoor beach shower. …

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  1. Turns out that the amount of spill was over stated. The resources needed to clean it was available and efficient.

    Not one TV or print report pointed out the facts of natural oil seeps that were the common place facts of life prior to oil drilling.

    So much for the truth. So much for trumpeting the success of response.

    Remember the sky is falling.

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