California’s Vaccine Rollout is Slow

Only about 35% of the COVID-19 vaccine doses that have arrived in California have been administered so far, a rate Gov. Gavin Newsom acknowledged Monday was “not good enough” as he pledged new funding and efforts aimed at ramping up the rollout.

California has received just under 1.3 million doses, but just more than 454,000 people have received the shots, according to figures Newsom presented.

Though he has regularly maintained that distribution of the long-awaited vaccines would build up more rapidly over time, he said the process had, to this point, “gone too slowly, I know, for many of us.”

Newsom provided no clear answer during a news conference to questions about the cause of the lag, only promising “a much more aggressive posture” and additional details in the coming days. …

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  1. rottweiler says

    Gavin and Bill Gates can have mine, front line worker in hospital. A year later they will probably find out that those who get the vaccine can still get Sars2. 50% of the people who get the flu shot get the flu You know Fauci and Biden will mandate it, something so progressive what would you expect from the next regime. If this was Biden’s term he would not have a vaccine for 2 terms.

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