Cities are under no obligation to destroy themselves

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that requires cities to commit suicide.

So it’s good news that the city of San Clemente is refusing to cave in to the demands of those who think they’re protecting the civil rights of homeless people by suing cities that enforce laws against unauthorized camping or sleeping on streets, sidewalks and other public spaces.

Last week, the San Clemente City Council voted unanimously to relocate a homeless community of approximately 24 people who have been camping for more than a month in a parking lot at North Beach. The “urgency ordinance” orders the encampment moved to a city storage yard, which will be fenced and equipped with lighting, security cameras, trash service and bathroom facilities as well as an onsite security guard at night.

On Wednesday, however, Carol Sobel and Brooke Weitzman, lawyers representing the homeless in the 2018 lawsuit before U.S. District Judge David O. Carter, sent a letter threatening to sue San Clemente if the city moves forward with its plan to relocate the North Beach homeless community to the city yard site. …

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