City has spent more than $2 million policing Occupy San Diego

From San Diego Newsroom:

The city has so far spent about $2.4 million to police the open-ended Occupy San Diego demonstration that began nearly seven weeks ago, officials reported today.

The price tag for keeping the social-justice movement safe and orderly includes nearly $144,000 in overtime costs, according to a statement from the San Diego Police Department.

The remainder of the expenses stemmed from on-duty personnel reassigned from their regular duties to handle the ongoing demonstration, which has used Civic Center Plaza as its main center of operations.

Occupy San Diego photo by Must be Art, Flickr


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  1. Did anyone see the amount of Police assigned to an Occupy event, on Genesse and Balboa yesterday, Nov 25th. At least 30 police cars, vans motor cycles No wonder San Diego has spent so MUCH! There were approximately 5 police to one protester. That includes, babies in strollers, puppies, senior citizens.

  2. Did OSD ever get a legal permit for their gathering?? If so, who requested the permit? (name) That person should then be sued by the City of San Diego taxpayers for the costs associated with the demonstrations. (police overtime, monetary losses to adjacent businesses that are associated with the demonstrations, etc.)
    Failing to find anyone locally to assume responsibility, let’s try Nancy Pelosi next, since she approved of the demonstrations, and though they were a good idea. (She can use some of that money she received from insider trading in the VISA scandal) I think you can see where this is going by now!! The entire democratic party was behind this movement, let the Democratic National Committee pay for all costs associated with this ill planned disaster. Now, back to reality, we all know who is going to end up paying for this shameful political ploy, we, the taxpayer.

  3. Hello Everyone,

    I just wish people would wake up and see that Americans are hurting and we all live here so it would be great if the leaders of this country cared about the people and not just money.
    I wish the law would do the job they are suppose to be doing and make people responsible when they break the law and then maybe people will get the message to not break the law instead of law makers only caring about money.
    I wish people in our country would reach out and help eachother and stand up for our friends and neighbors instead of looking the other way and being concerned for themselves and their money.
    I wish Americans would come to understand that in the end we will all pay a price much to high if we don’t stop caring so much about money and start caring about the people.
    I believe God gave us all 10 simple rules to live by and if people followed them to the best of there ability this country would turn around and we will see a GOOD change. If we don’t…………..
    no one will have use for money anymore, we will all lose. And that message my friends is for all humans, not just San Diego, or America but our Earth we all live on.
    God bless

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