Congressional Recess: The Battle of Ideas

From the Foundry:

All the political action this month will take place outside Washington, D.C. And that’s as it should be. In a healthy republic, lawmakers hear from their constituents and then attempt to do what’s best for them and for the country.

This August recess will be an especially busy one for progressive (don’t call them liberal) activists. Ever since they were outflanked by the formation of the Tea Party in 2009, progressives have been trying to even things up. This year, President Obama “has urged his backers to spend the month speaking out on issues such as gun control, climate change and health care, part of an ‘Action August’ effort spearheaded by Organizing for Action, the advocacy group that grew out of his reelection campaign,” The Washington Post reports.

But the left has a problem. On each of these issues (and many more, of course), the general public leans conservative.

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Photo courtesy of Rob Crawley, flickr

Photo courtesy of Rob Crawley, flickr