Copying Obama’s ’08 Strategy, Romney Takes to the Ground in Colorado

From The New York Times:

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — In an office park with clipped lawns and burbling fountains, volunteers at Mitt Romney’s new Colorado headquarters were busy working the phones. Do you approve of President Obama, they asked voters. Are you voting Democratic or Republican? Every time they tallied a new Romney supporter, they dinged a bell.

The campaign cannot ding fast enough. With Colorado as narrowly divided and fiercely contested as any battleground state in the country, its fate this November may well depend on whether Mr. Romney’s campaign can build a ground-level presence like the one that helped carry Mr. Obama four years ago.

They are starting from behind. Mr. Obama already has 32 field offices scattered across Colorado, from the dense Denver suburbs to smaller cities on the edges of the mountains and plains. Mr. Romney’s campaign has just 10, many of them paired with local Republican Party offices. The campaign’s state headquarters has been formally open since only mid-June.

But as Republicans outpace Democrats in fund-raising, they say have doubled their national footprint over the past month. The Romney campaign is looking to chip away at Mr. Obama’s vaunted organizational advantage on the ground, as Republican-financed political groups blast the airwaves.

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Photo courtesy BU Interactive News, flickr