Coronavirus: 5 bad signs California is heading the wrong direction

As more people venture out and expand their social circles, the coronavirus pandemic is sending some alarming signals to California about the effects of reopening.

“Right now it’s looking like things are going in the wrong direction,” said John Swartzberg, an infectious disease expert and professor emeritus at UC Berkeley.

Here are five signs, experts say.

1. Soaring case counts

This is the big one. On Monday and Tuesday, the number of confirmed new coronavirus cases in California soared to record highs of more than 6,000 infections a day, well north of the 2,000 to 3,000 daily case totals that were  common at the beginning of June. On Wednesday, the state added 4,648 new cases. …

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  1. Rottweiler says

    It has a very short life, Sars2, in the sun so go out and enjoy it. We kill Sars2 at the hospital with giant UV machines which eliminates it in 1/2 hour the sun is faster/stronger and more effective. Masks overkill unless you are old, infirm or have a pre-existing condition weakening your immune system. Over reporting deaths that die from cancer and results come back negative but not corrected. Something ominous about this flu and it reeks of misinformation and other strange things. Hospital is virtually empty, few cases but others are turned away like cancer therapy, chemo and radiation, pre and post surgical. Is it fair to kill others to save a few “older” and very likely to die from their main illness so that others can sacrifice their own health? It’s ok with that ridiculous dictator Newsom, please recall him ASAP. He very likely would love to kill small business of every kind. He has nothing to lose. Using sanitizer all of the time is terrible, it kills the good bacteria that fights other harmful things so don’t overuse, it was taken off the market two years ago because they realized it is not productive. It’s back use sparingly.

  2. Damocles says

    Is anyone still drinking this kool Aid ??? The ” New Cases ” have jumped because California has doubled or tripled the amount of people being tested. Damn people , get a grip. This is more Newscum and the Demoncrap scam . Newscum is even importing covid 19 cases from south of the border . Hes is bringing infected people to California just to drive the numbers up and using the media for scare tactics as the ICU units get filled with foreign patients. This is the sad and sickening Truth for California.
    From the Sword of ——

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