Coronavirus continues to spread in Los Angeles County at summer levels

Coronavirus infections continued to rise in Los Angeles County on Sunday at levels seen during the summer surge, and public health officials warned that the street celebrations that greeted the election news over the weekend could easily increase the spread.

Officials on Sunday announced more than 2,200 new COVID-19 cases, marking the fourth consecutive day with more than 2,000 confirmed infections. Officials also confirmed two more deaths from the disease, a number that was probably lowered by weekend reporting delays.

There were 23 deaths reported on Friday and 15 on Saturday; Sunday’s numbers bring the total to 7,172 COVID-19 deaths to date, according to a news release from the county Department of Public Health. Across L.A. County, 322,207 COVID-19 cases overall have been recorded. …

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  1. The problem with all this is it is all BS. With all the viruses out there there is not one we can cure and because they constantly mutate so any vaccine does not last more than a year or two. When they report the numbers they never report all of them. They only report what makes it sound bad. They will report we have this many that tested positive but they never say how many in total were tested or how many tested negative or how many of those that tested positive did not show any serious symptoms

  2. Cases counted are not Deaths counted. Microscopic percentage overall is now dying from this virus.
    No one talks about the effective treatments and instructions regarding use. No one is informing the public of what to do if they test positive and feel sick with certain medical history.

    So, without adequate information and instruction to the public at large, of course there is going to be fear and that is just where the DEMS want us to be under their thumbs.

    As they said years ago, THE FACTS, JUST THE FACTS.
    But all we get is lame stream media fearful misinformation and dysinformation to continue creating fear among the populus.

  3. IMHO–People are being purposely infected ,not spreading the virus person to person. This is and was developed to be a bio weapon. Period.
    From the Sword of —

  4. At what point does China get the bill for causing this world wide mess?

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