COVID in Schools: California To Clarify Independent Study Law

Students who are sidelined by the delta variant of COVID-19 might be able to take classes via independent study during quarantine, state officials confirmed.

In addition, school districts will not lose state funding over student absences in quarantine, as they would under normal circumstances, the state said Friday.

“The districts will get reimbursed,” Alex Stack, a spokesperson for Gov. Gavin Newsom, said Friday.

Stack’s comments come as state lawmakers seek to introduce amendments to clarify Assembly Bill 130, passed over the summer. The bill mandates that every school offer a semester-long or year-long online independent study option in case parents want to keep their children home for virus safety reasons. …

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  1. Shane Conway says

    The schools are stealing the money to blow on their indoctrination efforts. If kids do not attend school, the money should stop. But is it really a bad thing if our kids do not attend public schools. They are no longer learning anything. The more they days they miss, the less propaganda they are fed by the liberal teachers. Change the laws. If a child is taken from the public schools and his parents want him to attend a private school, the state funds that would be spent on the child’s education should go to the private school he attends.

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