Criminal Rings Loot Billions In Unemployment Funds

California officials say hackers, identity thieves and overseas criminal rings stole an estimated $11.4 billion in unemployment benefits last year.

But the extent of the fraud might grow far larger: billions more in jobless payments are under investigation. The Employment Development Department said Monday that 17% of payments made between March 2020 and Jan. 16, 2021, have been flagged as potentially fraudulent.

California Labor Secretary Julie Su told reporters in a conference call Monday that of the $114 billion the state has paid in unemployment claims during that time, about 10% has been confirmed as fraudulent.

Su says the state did not have sufficient security measures in place and criminals took advantage of the gaps. Since the pandemic began, the EDD says it experienced more than five times more claims than in 2010, the worst full year of the Great Recession. …

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  1. What was the majority party of the States where the greatest stealing happened?

    I’ll bet Democrat….. look at the looting that went on in the State of California.

  2. Just ANOTHER reason to recall Pretty Boy Nusance. Go to for your petition! And get a couple of neighbors to sign also.

  3. One criminal ring stealing from another criminal ring. The real victims here are the tax payers who are fleeced by both.

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