Democrats Ran Their Convention Like They Run the Country: At a Deficit

From Breitbart:

On Friday, Bloomberg News reported another embarrassing fact about the recently completed Democratic National Convention: it operated at a $15 million deficit.

In a move certain to raise eyebrows at the Federal Election Commission, $10 million of that deficit was covered by a temporary line of credit from Duke Energy Corporation. Even with that borrowed $10 million, the DNC still owes vendors $5 million, and it doesn’t have the cash to pay them:

Democrats ended their convention in Charlotte $5 million short of their budget even after being forced to draw down a $10 million line of credit from Duke Energy Corp. (DUK), according to a Democratic Party fundraiser.

That will leave a $15 million bill that eventually will have to be paid by President Barack Obama’s campaign or the Democratic National Committee, according to the fundraiser, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.

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