Donnelly Pushes Concealed Carry Bill

From The Sacramento Bee:

Republican Tim Donnelly, who has made gun rights a centerpiece of his gubernatorial campaign, is pushing for legislation in the Assembly that would expand gun owners’ access to concealed carry permits.

His bill, which he promoted at the Capitol on Monday, follows a federal court ruling in February that found the state’s requirements for concealed weapons permits too restrictive.

Current state law requires applicants to show “good cause” and gives discretion over the permit process to local law enforcement officials. Donnelly, an assemblyman from Twin Peaks, said that process is “arbitrary and capricious,” favoring gun owners who are well connected.




  1. Unfortunately, the Democrat ruled Public Safety Committee has killed this common sense bill since it doesn’t fit their agenda of complete control of the citizenry.

  2. On concealed carry permits, Miss gun freak, Dianne (Throw Mamma From The Train) Feinstein has one. Surprise Surprise.
    On a side note, I recently wrote to her asking her support on revamping the United States tax code. She curtly replied with her disagreement.
    (I suspect the current tax code allows her and her husband’s enormous construction entity massive tax write-offs which might go away with a fairer, simpler tax code that would actually be a benefit for the average citizen!!!!) Thanks BIOTCH.

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