Dream Act repeal effort under way

From SB Sun:

Inland Empire opponents of the California Dream Act have taken charge of a grassroots effort to repeal the new law via the ballot.

Signature-collection events are scheduled up and down the state through January.

The new legislation, AB 131, gives undocumented students in California the opportunity to apply for financial aid.

It’s drawn strong opposition from anti-illegal immigration groups, like the Rancho Cucamonga-based We the People California’s Crusader organization, and Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Hesperia.

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  1. I’m a senior AMERICAN citizen just trying to get a little dental help. I worked all my life, got no handouts. Deport them, and let them jump through the hoops to become a LEGAL citizen like my Grandmother did when she left the German colonies in Russia, and learned English.

    • I am a senior too. This is the liberal effort to get the votes from the illegals. The illegals get all the free medical, food and free school meals, (pretty soon they will get dinner like they are back east)free housing – special previledges.
      What happened to THE BUCK STOPS HERE? This is wrong.
      The government is establishing the DEATH PANELS so anyone over 70 will get “comfort -care” and not the treatemt that is desired. Then the illegals will get what the seniors are denied.
      BHO -obamacare is instituting the DEATH PANALS as predicted .

  2. This is one of the prime examples Jerry Brown has put forth to prove he is unfit to hold office of Governor. California is broke,there are no jobs thanks to the communistic actions of State and Federal government. I signed a petition to recall Jerry Brown,and now it is no where to be found? hmm. The amount of corruption in the State government is just unreal. Throw them all out.

  3. It’s sickening. The state of California is broke, worse broke and in debt! Real-estate has fallen through the floor boards, jobs lost daily, businesses closing daily. Kids are told stay in school there’s no work.
    California universities had record level applications for 2011. Many California
    Students were surprised to hear that out of state kids were desirable
    Because they pay higher tuition, being out of state-rs. Now it’s illegals Or anchor
    Baby’s … In many areas of California ancor and illegal kids out number the US citizen
    born to American citizens, yet our taxes are collected to pay to educate them. Not their government…ours?!? Can American citizens go to South America
    And get a free education and anchor baby citizenship ? We can’t take care of our own dishes
    But, that doesn’t keep us from going next door and washing their dishes. What for? For votes! Hellllooo

  4. Join StopAb131.com to find out where to sign the repeal petition and how to help this effort.

  5. This repeal effort is a scam. The people who have been steering the reigns on this are white supremacists. Does California, a liberal and multi-cultural state, want to go back to the Jim Crow days? No.

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