Driving 600 miles for a haircut?

The temptation after seeing the Facebook post was too great for J Farr, a 28-year-old living in near isolation in his Olympia, Wash., apartment. An old friend from his hometown of Yuba City, north of Sacramento, had announced he had gotten a haircut.

“I immediately started making preparations,” said Farr, who before the coronavirus outbreak would get his hair cut every few weeks and, with no clear end in sight, had considered shaving his head.

A couple of days later, Farr, who had lost his job as a paint sprayer, was in his Volkswagen Jetta listening to country music and driving more than 600 miles back home for the first time in four years. He arrived on Tuesday night, and by the next afternoon was sitting at the busy Butte House Barber Shop in Sutter County.

His barber wore a mask, but Farr didn’t. He left sporting a fade haircut with a quarter-inch taken off the top. It cost $20 plus tip. …

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  1. The thing is if we can have walmart, target, and home depot open with restrictions why cant every other store be open with the same restrictions??

  2. Eddie Byrn says

    I say stand up to the totalitarians and open up fully. It has now become apparent that the COVID-19 was and is made out to be far more than it is. From early on in this farce, I and my wife have been going out and about without masks as we normally did before. Except, of course, those places which were closed. Quite recently, some open businesses started requiring the wearing of masks in order to enter; so we put on a mask while doing business there and then take off the mask when we leave the store. We are 72 years of age. I encourage all businesses to open up and get on with life.

    • Boris Badenov says

      That mask is doing more harm than good. You are re-breathing your exhaled CO2 which is getting back into your blood stream and lowering your O2 levels. IF you have a virus, you are increasing YOUR viral load. IF you have cancer you are helping it to grow faster because of less O2 in your blood stream. There is even a thought that by rebreathing the virus’s they can penetrate into your brain.

      N95 mask are THE WORSE, ask any medical professional or anyone who wears a mask all day if they have headaches and foggy heads.

      Do you remember back to 1969, Woodstock, the year that the N3H2 flu was killing over 1 million in the USA? We partied on.

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