Economic numbers wear on voters’ confidence in Obama

From Washington Times:

American confidence in the economy is steadily declining in the face of slow growth and poor job numbers, and analysts say if it continues it could spell doom for President Obama’s re-election bid.

A Gallup poll released Tuesday shows that 62 percent of Americans think the nation’s economy is going in the wrong direction, while just 33 percent say it is improving. The 29-point difference translates to a “minus 29” score on Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index, indicating the public’s lowest level of confidence since January.

“We’re entering a phase now where there is a lot of partisan bickering and that may increase people’s anxiety,” said Gallup Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport. “But an incumbent president wants people to be as positive as possible about the economy.”

Public confidence has sharply declined after steadily rising from last fall to late May, a period during which improving job numbers appeared to indicate the economy was stabilizing.

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