EDITORIAL: Lawmakers ready to make another sweet deal

From Fresno Bee:

Sen. Darrell Steinberg, the president pro tem of the California Senate, says he’s still studying Assembly Bill 2451, Speaker John A. Perez’s multimillion-dollar benefit giveaway to powerful police and firefighter unions.

Steinberg is late to the issue. The bill, which The Sacramento Bee exposed last week, is the most irresponsible measure of the current session. But it awaits final action on the Senate floor. Despite its high cost, there still are no plans to hold a hearing on this bill in a Senate fiscal committee.

Why not?

A spokesman for Perez says amendments are being prepared to soften its financial impact. Yet for now, it remains a fiscal train wreck. Lobbyists for cities and counties say there are no changes contemplated that could eliminate the considerable economic hardships this bill places on struggling local governments.

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