Education Secretary’s National Press Club Speech: Falsehoods

From The Foundry:

On Tuesday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan delivered a back-to-school speech of sorts at the National Press Club in Washington. During the question and answer period, an audience member asked Secretary Duncan: “What would be the biggest difference between a Romney and Obama administration on education?” Duncan responded:

I think the choice is pretty clear, and frankly it’s pretty stark.…We fundamentally see education as an investment, they fundamentally see education as an expense. And if you look at Congressman Ryan’s budget…the cuts to early childhood education—200,000 less kids in Head Start—the cuts to IDEA and to Title I for poor kids; potential massive cuts to Pell Grants…none of that leads us in the right direction. We either think of education as an investment in this country, or as an expense. The choice is really clear. We’ll see what the American public thinks.

The budget passed by the House of Representatives (which Duncan refers to as Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget) does not designate specific cuts to K–12 education programs, and does not lay out cuts to any of the programs Duncan mentions. Instead, the budget calls for a reduction in non-defense discretionary spending over the next 10 years.

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