Exclusive interview: Nadia Lockyer tells traumatic story of how affair, drugs and deceit led to downfallCP

From SJ Mercury:

Week after week, messages from Nadia Lockyer came in a barrage of lurid and disjointed emails, texts and photos. They were a confusing attempt to explain her tortured, drug-fueled affair with a meth addict and her crumbling marriage to state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, who is three decades her senior. One email that ended “Goodbye to everyone” seemed so desperate, so disturbing that the newspaper called police to rush to her home.

Then, in an effort to be believed and understood, the woman who had held office as an Alameda County supervisor for little more than a year sent us one more email:

“i want to and will tell you my full story, the story of steve and i, bill and i, the night of the assault, my treatment, my recent decision this week …”

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Photo Courtesy Alameda County Supervisors