Federalist Society under fire after John Eastman speaks before Capitol riot

A progressive group is urging corporations to stop contributing to the Federalist Society after one of the conservative legal organization’s leaders was featured at last week’s rally that preceded the deadly riot on Capitol Hill.

Demand Justice told CNBC that it wants corporations to stop giving to the Federalist Society after member John Eastman, a lawyer and former law professor at Chapman University, spoke at the rally.

Several of the companies that have given to the Federalist Society as recently as 2019 have said they would either not contribute to Republicans who challenged the results of the presidential election, or would reevaluate or pause donations from their corporate political action committees. These companies and groups include Facebook, Google, T-Mobile, Verizon and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The Federalist Society’s 2019 annual report shows that the five companies combined to give up to $400,000 to the group. The group finished that fiscal year with over $25 million in revenue. That report is the most recent available on the Federalist Society’s website. It is not clear whether these companies donated money to the Federalist Society recently. The next disclosure of donors could come later this year. …

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  1. Freedom of speech and access to communication is essential to Americans. John Eastman is a courageous, articulate, highly respected lawyer and scholar. Who are these corporations against civil discourse and free speech? What can citizens do to stop authoritarian oligarchs?

    It seems critical to mobilize California’s libertarians, moderates, conservatives and the 26% registered no party preference preference voters. Consumers also need to stop funding the opposition with their dollars. Where’s the list of corporations and businesses who are NOT political contributors, and that do not fund radical non-profit organizations, propositions or candidates.

  2. This is right out of the Alenski playbook. The left is America’s domestic enemy.

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