Five takeaways from Trump-Biden debate clash

A raucous and chaotic clash between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden gave Americans their first chance to weigh their choices side by side in a White House contest that has until now remained remarkably stable.

The coronavirus pandemic allowed both candidates to avoid an awkward, and probably unwelcome, handshake that would have happened moments before the shouting started.

“This was the most chaotic and attack-filled presidential debate in our history,” Mitchell McKinney, director of the Political Communication institute at the University of Missouri, said shortly after its conclusion.

Here are five things we took away from the collision in Cleveland:

The debate is unlikely to change many minds

Tuesday’s tangle will shrink the pool of undecided voters, but not to a substantial degree.

In fact, it may have the rare consequence of shrinking the actual pool of voters overall — Republican pollster Frank Luntz, conducting a virtual focus group during the debate, said some of the undecided voters on his panel said they had decided not to vote. …

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  1. My take away is.

    Biden exposed in one session the chaos of the Obama Economics and Administration.

    It you want any potential of economic success you cannot vote for any Democrat. The anarchist rioting types have been and will continue to be supported by the Left (yes read that as Democrats).

    While I would have preferred a more measured response by Trump it was the disorganized Biden attack dog that made the point the Democrats are in complete disarray and that will carry over into any Biden administration.

    Who in his right mind in the middle of a debate on national TV would tell his opponent to “shut up”?

  2. Boris Badenov says

    There are photo grabs of devices on Joes person, under his collar, under his left cuff and a wire poking out under his right lapel.

    If they are loading up Joe on the meds to keep him functional now, it’s going to have severe repercussions shortly.

  3. After watching the debate last night all I saw was trump mouthing off and interrupting all the time and biden doing nothing but attacking trump. I do not recall one time that biden said one thing that he was going to do for the country if elected even when directly asked

  4. As I returned from a debate Watch Party my wife asked me “How did it go?” I responded, “More heat than light.”

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