Ford’s CEO resists calls to stop making vehicles for police

Ford Motor Co.’s top executive has pushed back against some employees calling for the top seller of vehicles to U.S. police departments to exit the business.

Chief Executive Jim Hackett sent a more than 600-word letter to senior staff in response to messages he’s received both from within and outside Ford’s ranks to reconsider producing police vehicles.

Hackett, 65, said that while he and Executive Chairman Bill Ford support the Black Lives Matter movement and believe police should operate with more transparency and accountability, first responders “play an extraordinarily important role in the vitality and safety of our society.”

“Our world wouldn’t function without the bravery and dedication of the good police officers who protect and serve,” Hackett wrote. “But safety of community must be inclusive of all members and today, it is not.” …

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  1. NO MATTER WHAT IT TOOK, employees advocating not building cars for Police Departments would be gone, NO MATTER WHAT IT TOOK.

  2. Ken Hunter says

    First: Go through the employee parking lots identifying those who have cars with Obama, Hillary, Biden or Kerry bumper stickers and fire them. Repeat for each shift. Repeat at every plant and warehouse.

    Second: Identify the employees who suggested that the company stop making police cars. Assign each one a number, overlay these numbers on a dart board and have at it to see just how many employees can be fired in one hour.

    Sounds reasonable right?

  3. Should tell the employees that if we do what you want we will lose 10 million per year so we will have to lay off 500 employees and since you wanted this to happen everyone that signed the letter will be fired first. Then we can see how they like it when it bites them it their financial ass. Actions have consequences let’s see how they like the consequences of their actions.

  4. Cycleman says

    Thank God I don’t need a new truck. You can’t buy a General Motors truck because it’s owned by SAIC (a Chinese company), you can’t buy a Ram (owned by Fiat), now I can’t buy a Ford because some of their employees hate America (not wanting to build cop cars). I guess when it’s time for me to buy a new truck I’ll have to buy an American truck, a Toyota.😆

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