Gavin Newsom pardons 3 Californians to spare them from deportation

Gov. Gavin Newsom pardoned three people to spare them from deportation Friday, arguing they reformed their lives after making mistakes when they were young and should not be sent out of the country.

They are among several clemency actions announced Friday afternoon, including two commutations for people who committed crimes when they were young but were sentenced to what the governor determined were unjustly long sentences, Newsom’s office said.

He also pardoned Curtis Reynolds, a 59-year-old man from Sacramento Country, who was convicted of six drug felonies including possession for sale between 1998 and 2003. Since those convictions, Newsom’s office says Reynolds has become a dedicated volunteer in the community and helps people struggling with addiction.

The three pardoned men facing deportation are all from Los Angeles County and were all brought into the United States legally as children. The pardons will help strengthen their cases to remain in the country. …

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