Gavin Newsom to pitch universal health care as California governor’s race grows crowded

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

Democratic Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom is drafting a health care plan for California that he plans to unveil as a core component of his gubernatorial run, based in part on the universal health care program he signed into law when he was mayor of San Francisco.

Newsom, seen as a strong contender in the increasingly crowded field of candidates vying to succeed Gov. Jerry Brown in 2018, is staking out an ambitious plan to rein in rising health care costs, expand universal access to people across the state regardless of income or immigration status, and preserve coverage for the estimated 5 million Californians who risk losing their insurance under President Donald Trump’s changes.

“I think we can learn a lot for the state of California from what we did with Healthy San Francisco,” Newsom said in an interview. “We had the resourcefulness, the resources, and the boldness and audacity to try something new. It’s not necessarily something that can be adopted in all 58 counties, but it can be adopted …. where the majority of California’s population is.”

The idea would likely require substantial state and federal funding. …

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  1. So, Gavin Newsom will propose a plan in opposition (or addition) to the one submitted by Ricardo Lara:
    Let the wars begin! Hopefully, like Iraq and Iran, they both will lose.

  2. I always love hearing liberals say we want to give you this or that or pretty much everything. The problem is they never say how they are going to pay for it. The article even say the healthcare would require massive state and federal funding. They like to point out European countries that have universal healthcare ignoring things like smaller population smaller poverty rates and 50 to 75% tax rates to pay for it. For this state to do the same thing with a population bigger than most countries and a poverty rate so high it would be likely require an even higher tax rate to pay for it. Since the poor could not pay for it all of the money would have to come from the middle and richer class. So lets see what happens if you tell the people that we are going to give you universal healthcare and if you are poor it will be free but if you are not poor it will cost you 80% of your income. The poor will love it but I doubt anyone else will.

  3. Every damn Communist wants to “…take from the rich and give to the poor” in return for our love and votes. That they ruin the economy for everyone, but themselves they cheerfully ignore.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  4. DR Richard says

    that jerk new stupid is as rotten as baldy

  5. WAHOO, the few remaining tax payers get to pay for yet MORE ILLEGALS. How about we tax the Googles, Alphabets, Yahoo’s (no wait they are almost broke…oh who cares) Netfilx, Hollyweird’s and the rest say 95% and let’s see what happens because they are all good loyal Progressives, right?

  6. retiredxlr8r says

    The Train to No Where, a critically damaged dam, roads beyond repair, schools falling apart, heavy entitlement debt, an even more heavy pension debt, and Newsom figures on stealing more money from the blue collar taxpayer to fund his election through vote purchases.
    God help us, but right now I hate Democrats and mostly California Democrats, starting with newsom..

  7. The State of California is so flush with a surplus revenue, we can afford anything The state of California can take care of the world! Come one, come all the affluent state of California can take care of the world’s indigent. NOT

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