GOP Senator wants CA voters to reconsider high-speed rail

From the Sac Bee:

GOP Sen. Doug LaMalfa wants to send California’s high-speed rail project back to the ballot in light of revised cost estimates.

The California High-Speed Rail Authority today released a revised business plan projecting that the total cost of the proposed bullet train could be $98.5 billion over 20 years, far exceeding previous estimates.

LaMalfa, a vocal critic of the project, blasted the authority’s earlier cost projections and pledges for federal and private dollars for the project, saying authority members and supporters “have known all along that these targets would not be met.”

The Richvale Republican said he plans to introduce legislation that would ask California voters to reconsider the $9 billion in bonds approved for the project in 2008.

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  1. Frank Alliger says

    I’ve yet to hear from anyone I know that actually voted for approval of this boondoggle. The project is doomed, outrageously expensive and financing is not available now, nor will it be in the future. This venture has more than doubled in estimated cost and the amount of time necessary for completion, it will only become worse as time passes. The voters with current information would certainly repeal this bond measure if it were voted on today. High speed rail is not the future and it would never be profitable.

  2. Mr.LaMalfa is correct. California is broke,something the Governor cannot seem to remember. Is the California State legislature capable of using common sense? Given recent scandals,sadly we are lacking in this area.

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