GOP Strategists: Mitt Romney Should Embrace Bain

From Roll Call:

Mitt Romney might or might not cave and release more than the two years of tax returns he’s promised; and whatever his decision, it might or might not damage his White House prospects.

The more than half-dozen Republican strategists I spoke with in the days since President Barack Obama accelerated his attacks on the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s business career were split on how much influence this issue would have outside the Beltway among the voters who will decide the presidential election. Voters are notorious for ignoring “game-changing” campaign attacks that Acela Corridor experts are convinced will have a major effect.

But on one element of Obama’s criticism of Romney, and the former Massachusetts governor’s response, there was virtual unanimity: He must talk more about his tenure at Bain Capital — and he has to do so willingly, proudly and enthusiastically. Either that, or he allows Obama to define a major portion of his life negatively and he cedes his business experience as reason to elect him in a contest that is about who can best create jobs.

“Romney needs to turn his time in the private sector into a positive on job creation and having exactly the skills needed right now to get this economy firing,” said one unaffiliated Republican consultant who lives and works in a presidential battleground.

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Photo courtesy davelawrence8, flickr