Gov. Brown considers new financial disclosure rules for politicians

From Los Angeles Times:

Californians would get a more precise picture of their public officials’ personal finances under a measure being considered by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The state Senate sent the governor a measure that reflects the reality that the state’s current financial disclosure forms don’t do a good job of showing the income and investments of today’s politicians, many of whom are multimillionaires.

About 200,000 public officials are required to file forms that detail their sources of income and the amounts they receive but only in broad categories, the largest of which are “$10,001 to $100,000” and “over $100,000.” Under the current rules, a politician could have a $3-million annual source of income and he would only have to disclose that it is “over $100,000.”

The bill on the governor’s desk would require public officials to disclose income in low ranges, but also whether their income is:

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