Gov-Elect Gavin Newsom faces pressure to cut $77 billion high-speed rail

Gov. Jerry Brown, Anne GustA new state audit raises questions about flaws in California’s $77 billion high-speed rail project, adding pressure on Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom to consider cutting back the construction of the train or make other major changes.

The independent audit is the key focus of a Joint Legislative Audit Committee oversight hearing planned for Thursday in Sacramento, where top officials from the California High-Speed Rail Authority are expected to be questioned by lawmakers.

According to the audit, the state risks having to pay back as much as $3.5 billion in federal funds on the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles project.

“Whatever fantasy the next governor has in mind, he has to deal with a huge multibillion-dollar shortfall between getting anything between Central California and Silicon Valley that is high speed,” said Assemblyman Jim Patterson, a Republican from Fresno and longtime critic of the bullet-train project who pushed for the audit. …

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  1. It ain’t your thing, Gavvie…cut your losses and divert the funding to desal plants….
    You’re welcome…

  2. California elected Gavin even knowing how he treats people. They will get what they deserve.

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