Gov. Newsom’s Vision for High-Speed Rail Boondoggle Doubted by Many

Discussions at Tuesday’s state Assembly Transportation Committee hearing in Fresno highlighted the uncertainty existing within the state Legislature that fully building out Gov. Gavin Newsom’s vision of California’s high-speed rail project is the best way to proceed.

That difference of opinion is not only among legislators within Newsom’s own Democratic party, but members of the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s board of directors.

The 119-mile route segments now under construction for the project span from Madera, just north of Fresno, to a rural orchard near Shafter to the south — an estimated cost of $15.6 billion.

What Newsom wants is a 171-mile operating line of electric-powered trains from Merced to Bakersfield as an interim step toward a statewide bullet-train system. To do that will require another $4.8 billion to not only extend the tracks and signal systems, but to buy the trains and build the electrical system to power those trains. …

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