Harris’ support dipping below 10% in California

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren lead the pack of Democratic presidential hopefuls in California with 24% and 23% support, respectively, according to a recent Public Policy Institute poll.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders clocked in at third with 17% support — followed by California Sen. Kamala Harris at 8%, South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 7% and entrepreneur Andrew Yang at 5%.

No other candidate scored more than 1%, while 9% of those surveyed said they don’t know which candidate they would choose.

The California primary is in March. …

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  1. Harris should have dropped out the day she decided to run, that woman is a nut case and her stupid laugh is just what this country doesn’t need. Pocahontas is too far gone with her display of total ignorance and Biden is finished, he needs to run for the hills rather than presidency because we the people with common sense know where the corruption stems from and it’s the liberal politicians, follow the money!!! Their only goal is to fill their coffers with quid pro quo money and they had way too many years in office taking their political bribes.

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