Harry Reid Floats Two-Month Extension on Payroll Tax Cut

From Roll Call:

Senate negotiators continued working toward a year-end extenders package today, with Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) floating the idea of a two-month extension as a “Plan B” in case a larger deal was out of reach.

With a $1 trillion-plus omnibus appropriations package agreed to in principle, all that Members have left standing between them and Christmas vacation is the catchall bill to extend the payroll tax cut holiday for employees, unemployment benefits and payments to Medicare doctors.

The talks over the package have been highly politicized and unfocused at times, but with the appropriations bill ready to go, lawmakers are looking for a swift resolution to tie up all their legislative loose ends. Apparently a two-month deal is on the table as a way to do just that.

Harry Reid praying courtesy Tumbleweed, Flickr.

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