Here’s how Trump might win in November

President Trump’s campaign for a second term has stalled.

In public opinion surveys, he has trailed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, sometimes by a wide margin, for more than a year. His share of support from voters has been below 45% for six months. No incumbent president in half a century has won reelection from so far behind.

The most recent estimate by FiveThirtyEight, a forecasting group, gives Trump a 29% chance of winning — a bit less than 1 in 3. But as it happens, 29% is the same probability FiveThirtyEight gave a Trump victory just before the 2016 election, when he defeated Hillary Clinton.

So Trump has beaten the odds before. And this time, he has two advantages that he didn’t have four years ago: the powers of incumbency and a massively funded campaign that’s already flooding battleground states with television advertising. …

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  1. To the author of this fabrication. You sir are a liar . Your fake news and polls are nothing more than desperate leftist propaganda. We all know that the Demoncraps are mainly responsible for the Riots , murders and loss of income due to the burning of their businesses and that they are trying to overthrow this country into Socialism . Just what part of this would lead anyone to believe that they want Buydem , oh I mean , Biden to become our president and turn the country over to Traitors ? To say that Biden is ahead of President Trump in any poll other than a heavily populated Demoncrapic area is laughable.
    From the Sword of —

  2. Stan Sexton says

    I think that when the MSM no longer censors the story about the kickbacks Joe and his son got from the Ukraine and China. the Biden campaign is done.

  3. Gail Contreras says

    Ha ha ha. Nice try. Hillary had 98.5 % chance of winning. Americans must vote to stop the Communist takeover happening within our borders. Pray for America because there is no where else to go.

  4. What is really incredible here is that anyone could run second to the Biden Harris ticket. This only shows you how focused the Dimms are at winning at any cost. They are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Trump. Look out!!, here comes the sink.

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