Here’s What President Mike Bloomberg Would Mean for California

Photo courtesy Center for American Progress, flickr

Mike Bloomberg would give California a centrist president from the tech world, someone who prides himself as a pragmatic decision maker guided by hard data and not political expediency.

After 12 years as mayor of New York, Bloomberg has faced the problems that plague urban areas like the Bay Area and Los Angeles. His campaign slogan, “Mike will get it done!” is designed to show him as a different sort of candidate, one concerned with actions, not words.

Talking last year about the Green New Deal, a wide-ranging — and expensive —environmental statement backed by many progressive Democrats, Bloomberg expressed reservations.

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  1. New York prohibits large soft drinks and employs random “stop-and-frisk” city policies under Bloomberg’s’ mayoral watch?
    He reeks.
    Lets pass the putrid prospects, PLEASE!

  2. Thanks once again for giving a small part of a story with a link to a paper that will not let you read it without subscribing to the paper

  3. Santa Barbara says

    Why post an article hat cannot be accessed without a paid subscription? President Mike Bloomberg: Here’s what it would mean for California

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