Here’s what San Francisco’s highest-paid workers make

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle:

The City of San Francisco employed 39,634 people in 2016 (including part-time and construction workers), and the total spent on their salaries and benefits in 2016 was $4,262,344,675, according to the Office of the Controller.

That’s about the same amount as the budget for the state of Delaware, which has a population of 945,000 (100,000 more than San Francisco’s).

Salaries have increased 18.5 percent since 2012, and benefits have gone up 18.6 percent.

A deal announced by Supervisor Jane Kim and Mayor Ed Lee today will make San Francisco the first city in the nation to make community college free to all city residents.

The average salary (excluding benefits) per city employee is $83,227.14. A recent study found you need an estimated $110,357 salary to live comfortably in San Francisco. …

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  1. other democrat led cities have similar stories. In particular government positions such as the mayor, chief of police, alderment, etc. were very high. I know this sounds like mayberry RFD but maybe they should look for a mayor that is well meaning, humble and tries hard to serve the people rather than overpriced dictators who try to change the city to serve the elected rather than the people.

  2. We live in a Marxist State. Except for the prisons; we have a State that is exactly like Communist China. I should add that they did not kill 80,000,000 citizens; I guess because we have a smaller population.

  3. Don’t you realize how expensive it is to replace all those shoes ruined by having to walk on urine and feces covered sidewalks.
    Have you no shame, Sir.

  4. It was reported last night on the news that a couple earning $138,000 a year qualify for public housing in SF. I am 70 years old pray that I die before the next financial collapse of this great country. It will make 1929 look like a mild recession. Many of you will probably have to Google this since I am sure it is not taught in Govt communist schools. We keep hearing $20,000,000,000,000 being used as a number for our debt. They never mention the unfunded liabilities that may reach $200 TRILLION.
    And we are fighting over healthcare for all when a depression of unreal magnitude is close. If this does not get your attention, then something is seriously wrong.

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