High-Speed Rail Board Votes to Seek $2.7 Billion of State Bond Money

From Voice of OC:

The California High-Speed Rail Authority board voted unanimously Thursday to seek the Legislature’s permission to use $2.7 billion in state bond money to help start construction of the planned $98.5-billion train system.

The 6-0 vote came after more than two hours of public testimony in Sacramento from dozens of critics of the troubled plan, which would connect Anaheim and San Francisco with 220-mph bullet trains. The board voted without discussion.

The Rail Authority needs the state funds to qualify for $3.3 billion in federal stimulus money that can’t be spent unless most of it is matched. The plan is to start construction in mid-to-late 2012 in the Central Valley.

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  1. expectingbetter says

    With the projected costs skyrocking try to sell the idea and bond issue today. You guys, along with Bob Hutton, have gotten into Obama’s Hope & Change tobacco or maybe something a little stronger.

  2. The stimulus money should reduce the deficit and we should drop the project. Prviate money will
    deal with the rail system or it shouldn’t be done.

  3. I wonder if this is why, the farmers were starved out of water, their farmland turned into dust bowl, in the hopes that they would abandon their farms to give way to this project?

  4. Drop this ridiculous idea-California does not need it. California is BROKE thanks to years of Constitutional violations by elected officials. This is all connected to United Nations Agenda 21. New World Order. Time for it all to stop. PATRIOTS! Go standupamericaus.org “National Call to Action” by Major General Paul Vallely. State and Federal March,Veterans -11-11-11. Time to end marxism,communism,socialism and muslims holding any local,State,Federal Govt.positions. Time to honor our Constitution.

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