House candidate might’ve set fundraising record

From Political Blotter:

A former Obama Administration official from Fremont has achieved a rare milestone by raising more than $1.2 million for a House campaign in a single quarter – a full election cycle ahead of when he says he’s actually likely to run.

Ro Khanna, 35, a Democrat, isn’t filing his fourth-quarter campaign finance report with the Federal Election Commission until Monday, but was kind enough to give me an exclusive advance look at the numbers. He says he raised $1,221,857 from a total of 923 donors in this first three months of his campaign, including $897,000 from Northern California and $357,000 from the high-tech community (including people who work at more than 175 different companies). All of this money came from individual contributions; he has banked no PAC money. He ended 2011 with $1,142,955 in the bank.

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