How California’s Lack Of Transparency Could Flip The U.S. Senate

Polls show that government corruption, waste and malfeasance are important issues to California voters.

But California is the only state refusing to disclose all state spending. Forty-nine states produced their line-by-line vendor payments after auditors at submitted open-records requests.

It’s a basic issue of accountability. The people, press, and politicians must be able to follow their tax dollars. After all, it’s their money.

In 2020, we sued California Controller Betty Yee, a Democrat, in state court after she argued that her office couldn’t “locate” any of the 50 million payments that the state admitted making last year. Our lawyers are the public-interest law firm in Washington, D.C., Cause of Action Institute. …

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  1. Liars, thieves and, parasites strive to stay and operate in the dark. This is the result of one party rule which will lower to any level (any means necessary) to retain power. Their efforts are rooted in academia and media promoting stupidity and pointless emotion. Stupid and dependent people are easy to control.

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