How to avoid becoming Greece

From OC Register:

What can save us from becoming Greece? All it would take would be a few more elections. Across the nation, new administrations in cities, counties, states and the federal government –- they all have payroll. Mostly, it may be for the public good; but there always has to be a huge layer of pay-off.

The incoming administration can get rid of only so many of the patronage jobs of the previous administration. There has to be new agencies, committees, consultants, regulations, legislation, education and scientific industry. After all, millions have been invested by members of both parties. Ultimately, we are all destined to do each others laundry — pay taxes, which are another person’s payroll.

The system may go along smoothly, but when some get paid far more that others, it breaks down, and that is what’s happened in Greece. Some have become too rich, and the wheels have stopped turning.

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