In Affluent O.C., Echoes of a Skid Row Shooting

Big questions loomed Friday over the death of Kurt Andras Reinhold, who was fatally shot by Orange County sheriff’s deputies last week in the beachfront town of San Clemente.

How did this well-educated, churchgoing Black man, who coached youth soccer and had two children of his own, end up living on the streets of south Orange County? What pushed him into mental illness and homelessness? Why did two deputies, part of a specialized detail to help people who are homeless, confront him Wednesday?

And then there’s the doubt that nagged at neighbors Laura Engeman and Rani Craig as they headed Thursday to an impromptu memorial near the spot where Reinhold was killed: “How did a routine interaction from a homeless outreach effort escalate into a gun incident?” Engeman asked.

Reinhold’s name joins the long list of Black men and women killed by police under questionable circumstances across the country: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Brendon Glenn, Michael Brown and many others. …

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  1. An awful lot of innuendo without any proof of what happened here. This article Smacks of Leftist Hatred toward Police to me. How many times have we been told that a violent felon was some kind of innocent that the brutal police just killed because they felt like it. This article , written as it is , should never have been posted .
    From the Sword of–

  2. For as long as the tragic Breonna Taylor death in Louisville has been one of the MSM’s main leads, I only today found out that Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend fired a weapon at Police. Although with a no knock warrant Ms. Taylor’s boyfriend would have had every reason to fear from great harm from he knew not who. But, this changes the scenario drastically. By omission the MSM would have you believe the police broke down the door with ” guns a’blazin’ ” which was not at all the truth. If you look carefully at all MSM stories you sort of get the slant that this story is the opinion of the person who is writing the article. It is becoming easier to see how it would be possible for a mule to fart in Africa and have the whole thing be “Trump’s fault” Are you sure this article didn’t start on CNN or MSNBC?

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