Iowa Becomes 11th State on California Travel Ban List

Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Friday extended California’s ban on taxpayer-funded trips to an 11th state, adding Iowa to the list based on the Midwestern state’s passage of a law that removed gender protections under Medicaid.

Becerra’s order means public employees and college students may not travel to Iowa under provisions of a 2016 California law.

Twelve years ago, Iowa’s Legislature made gender identity a protected characteristic under its Civil Rights Act, which prohibited refusing service to or discriminating against people based on their gender identity preferences. …

Click here to read the full article from the Fresno Bee.


  1. I found a recall site for Pretty Boy Newsom. I hope they include Pancho Becerra. The site is: although the petitions are not ready yet. Sign up and maybe we can get rid of these P.O.S’s!

  2. Wake me when it is over. This is a nightmare or the Twilight Zone.
    These are our leaders???

  3. The way I look at it they did Iowa a favor by keeping these libtards out of their state. Look the CAlifornians and pos politicians that created this mess and made it unaffordable are infiltrating Texas and now they’re trying to ruin it too. I think a wall needs to be built around CA to keep ihem from migrating into the common sense states before it’s too long. #Trump2020 #recallnewsom #recallbecerra

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