Irvine Finalizes ‘Hero Pay’ For Grocery Workers

A $4-an-hour pay bump lasting through the summer is expected for workers at larger grocery and drug stores in Irvine starting in late March.

The extra hazard, or “hero,” pay is a new mandate the Irvine City Council approved Tuesday, Feb. 23. It makes Irvine the first Orange County city to adopt a pay-boosting measure that cities including Long Beach, Los Angeles, Montebello, West Hollywood and several Bay Area communities have also put in place.

Buena Park city leaders also approved a temporary hike of $4 an hour on Tuesday, but the council must take a second procedural vote before it would it would go into effect.

Supporters of the pay boosts say grocery and pharmacy workers deserve to be compensated for continuing to show up to work and serve the public during the coronavirus pandemic, potentially putting their health or that of their families at risk. …

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  1. Perhaps the city council members should be required to pay their gardeners and house cleaners $4.00 more per hour. Let’s include giving your local mechanic an extra payment of $4.00 an hour. This would help them understand basic economics. Too bad if they can no long employ a house cleaner, etc. Of course this would have a negative impact on the people they personally employ just as this mandate will have on grocery store employees.

  2. Traditional profit margin for grocery stores is 2%. Most have been hurting badly for the last year. Biden and Newsom are intent on driving up the cost of transport, and growing food.

    There is a reason why Kroger shut down 2 stores in Long Beach.

    A good discounter this last year saw increased sales while regular grocery stores had declining sales.

    Figure it out. It is no mistake, the use adjectives like “hero”……. It is to mask terrible policies with emotional response.

  3. Heroes pay, alright let’s take it from the teacher’s union management side, No heroes there! All government unions and agencies live in a alternate universe.

  4. This has a proven track record if failure (democrat MO). The stores simply close in that area, which is what they want. More dependents the better.

  5. Don’t you just love government and its well-honed skills into how a business runs? They believe it is the evil business owners who will pay for these extra wages, when it is the public/customers who will foot the bill. The rubes will never know the difference. And aren’t these elected folks virtue signaling their concern for the ‘little people’ while the media covers the story.

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